2014: A Story A Week

2014 is the year of #AStoryAWeek. All you have to do is write a story a week. I know, I know, ALL you have to do--like it's not hard. It will be hard at times, but some weeks will be easier than others. Hell, just scroll down through the list below. It's not really that long. I actually copy/pasted way too many "weeks" and was pleasantly surprised at how few there were. :)

REMEMBER: a story is a story, no matter how small. It can be 6000 words or 60 words. It can be written, edited, and polished for submission, or it can be a super-rough first draft. It can be brand new, or it can be an old story you've finally completed. Just THINK IN INK and get those words down! I will update this list with my story titles to show how I'm progressing, and I encourage you guys to comment with your lists, too!  GOOD LUCK!! YOU CAN DO IT!!

(Scroll to the bottom to see the PARTICIPANTS!!)

Week 1 (Jan 1-5): PARADISO MONDAY (900 words)

Congrats on week one!!

Week 2 (Jan 6-12): NO GOD TO PLAY (5400 words)

Way to go on week two, everyone!

Week 3 (Jan 13-19): A DARE FROM THE DOTTED LINE (1175 words)
Week 4 (Jan 20-26): FINER THAN LOVE (4510 words)

Week 5 (Jan 27- Feb 2): THROUGH THE ISLAND DOME (4900 words)

As we enter February, maybe try changing up your genre or perspective. If you're used to writing dark fiction or horror, why not give something lovey-dovey a try. Or at least make some people fuck. ;) If you're a third person omniscient writer, try writing limited, or maybe even second person! Change it up this month!

Week 6 (Feb 3-9): THE CROSS TO BEAR (985 words)
Week 7 (Feb 10-16): MOUTHPIECE (1200 words)

Seven stories?! What the what?! You guys deserve to celebrate!!

Week 8 (Feb 17-23): SO YOU HAVE A VAGINA ON YOUR FACE... (945 words)
Week 9 (Feb 24-Mar 2): DON'T SCREW THE MESSENGER (5500 words)
Week 10 (Mar 3-Mar 9) THE GARDEN GIRL (3200 words)

Ten stories. TEN. STORIES.
Stop hogging all of the amazing, you. ;) 
Why not treat yourself to a light flash fiction for the eleventh week?

Week 11 (Mar 10-Mar 16): THE TALE OF THE MIDNIGHT SOCIETY (1700 words)
Week 12 (Mar 17-Mar 23): PAINTED UP ON A TUESDAY NIGHT (1240 words)
Week 13 (Mar 24-Mar 30): ALL THE LITTLE LABELS (1000 words)

You're like some kickass fiction wizard!!

For the beginning of April, focus on finishing some works-in-progress. Whether you have the majority to write, or you just need to wrap them up with a few paragraphs, complete some currently unfinished stories.

Week 14 (Mar 31-Apr 6): THE MALADY OF TIME (5000 words)
Week 15 (Apr 7- Apr 13): GENTLEMEN'S DIRECTORY (1970 words)
Week 16 (Apr 14- Apr 20): THE DUCHESS & THE WOLF (7500 words)
Week 17 (Apr 21-Apr 27): THE KINK IN THE PLOT (1870 words)
Week 18 (Apr 28-May 4): MAKING CHANGE (3000 words)

Week 19 (May 5-May 11): JUST HOW I REMEMBER YOU (2600 words)
Week 20 (May 12-May 18): THE WAY SHE SAW ME (800 words)


Week 21 (May 19-May 25): A MOTHER'S LOVE (1100 words)
Week 22 (May 26- June 1): LIPSTICK (900 words)
Week 23 (June 2- June 8): ON THE FRINGE (550 words)
Week 24 (June 9- June 15): FOR AINSLEY (650 words)
Week 25 (June 16- June 22): ALL FOR ALLIE (2500 words)

25 STORIES. One more till halfway. 

Week 26 (June 23- Jun 29): OF HUMAN SYMPHONIES (600 words)


fuck i'm only halfway through the year?

Week 27 (June 30- July 6): JOYFUL NOISE (135 words)
Week 28 (July 7- July 13): SHE ALWAYS LOVED THE PART (2500 words)
Week 29 (July 14- July 20): NAILED (100 words)
Week 30 (July 21- July 27): AN EMPTY LIFE (1800 words)
Week 31 (July 28- Aug 3): THE GOD WE KNOW (3600 words)
Week 32 (Aug 4-Aug 10): WHERE CHLOE IS QUEEN (3000 words)
Week 33 (Aug 11-Aug 17): ANDREW'S UNIPORN (115 words)
Week 34 (Aug 18-Aug 24): IN DEPENDENCE (3200 words)
Week 35 (Aug 25-Aug 31): THE TALE OF M & C (400 words)
Week 36 (Sept 1-Sept 7): FIRST STAR I LOSE TONIGHT (275 words)
Week 37 (Sept 8-Sept 14): SEARCHING FOR A SOFT SPOT (1140 words)


Week 38 (Sept 15- Sept 20): UNTITLED (250 words)
Week 39 (Sept 21- Sept 28): CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT (2000 words)
Week 40 (Sept 29- Oct 5): THE NAKED CLONE OF VIOLET JONES (2480 words)
Week 41 (Oct 6-  Oct 12): OFF-ISLAND, WITH THE BEASTS (2500 words)
Week 42 (Oct 13- Oct 19): WHO ARE THE HACKERS? (1300 words)


click here. http://gobarrested.ytmnd.com/ do it. come on.

Week 43 (Oct 20- Oct 26): CAPTAIN TERRIBLE & THE ELEVATOR MAN (6400 words)
Week 44 (Oct 27- Nov 2): HEARTS AND VOICES (1900 words)
Week 45 (Nov 3- Nov 12): TIS THE SEASON (600 words)
Week 46 (Nov 13- Nov 16): HUNGRY AS THE MOON (560 words)
Week 47 (Nov 17- Nov 23): GHOSTS IN THE GREETING (120 words)


Week 48 (Nov 24- Nov 30) BLACK MAGIC FRIDAY (1000 words)
Week 49 (Dec 1- Dec 7) THE LIFE IN CHELSEA'S EYES (2500 words)
Week 50 (Dec 8- Dec 14) YOU ARE THE NEXT IN LINE (200 words)
Week 51 (Dec 15- Dec 21) HOW TRAUMA LAUNCHES SHIPS (1400 words)

I have written 101,170 words for #AStoryAWeek so far. WHAT.

Dude. It's Almost Over. Thank Balls.

Week 52 (Dec 22- Dec 28): SIX (500 words)

IT'S DONE (well, kind of...see below). 52 WEEKS, 52 STORIES!! I didn't fall behind once, or ever seriously contemplate throwing in the towel, so I'm a pretty happy writer chick today. THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT!!
And because my joy is too massive for just one animated gif:

OVERACHIEVER STATUS: Week 53 (Dec 29- Jan 4th 2015):

Jessica McHugh (www.JessicaMcHughBooks.com)
Jay Wilburn (http://JayWilburn.com/)
April Hawks (http://princessvespa3.com)
Lori Michelle (www.lorimichelleauthor.com)
Joseph Eastwood (http://www.josepheastwood.co.uk)
Laura Roberts (http://buttontapper.com)
Tonia Marie Harris (http://passionfind.wordpress.com)
Cina Pelayo (http://www.cinapelayo.com/blog)
T.R. Stoddard (http://t-r-stoddard.blogspot.com/)
Nelson. W Pyles (NelsonWPyles.com)
Brady Allen (www.bradyallen.com)
Josef Matulich (http://dalmatianalley.wordpress.com)
Rob Smales  (http://robsmales.webs.com/)
Axel Howerton (www.axelhowerton.com)
Bill Coffin (http://billcoffin.com/)
Armand Rosamilia (www.ArmandRosamilia.com)
Erin Coughlin
Charlie Boucher (www.facebook.com/bouchercharlie)
Todd Banks
Mae March (https://www.facebook.com/madmaemarch)
Rachael Rippon (http://rachaelrippon.blogspot.com.au)
Greg Sisco (gregsisco.com)
Pam Phillips (http://writingeveryday.wordpress.com/)
Jamie White (http://www.jamielwhite.com/)
CP Bialois
Kerry Lipp


  1. This sounds awesome! I want to play, too!

    Armand Rosamilia

  2. Is it too late for me to get in? I just started a flash piece today that I plan on having wrapped up within a few hours. This sounds amazing!

    -Mae March

    1. Not too late at all, Mae! I'll add you to the list. Do you have a website you'd like me to link?

    2. Not a website, persay, but I do have my author page on facebook. You can link that if you'd like. facebook.com/madmaemarch I just launched it not too long ago, and am a bit low on the likes, so it'd be awesome if you would! Thanks Jessica!

    3. I just finished my first story. "Angels and Shame". 557 word short surrealistic piece. I say "surrealistic" because it's about a girl who used to be me a long time ago. I blame reading Bukowski's poetry and drinking too much wine. ;)

  3. Done, Mae!!

    WAY TO GO, TONIA!! And I don't think there's such a thing as "too much wine" when reading (or inspired by) Bukowski! ;)

  4. I'd love to do this too! Thanks for coming up with the idea. Here's a link to my site, if you wouldn't mind adding me to the list? http://rachaelrippon.blogspot.com.au/

  5. All right, I'll get in on this. Probably won't last through the summer though. I've got a movie production this year and once pre-production/filming gets going on that, I tend to have one hundred percent of my energy focused there. (I'm at gregsisco.com)

  6. I also decided to write a story a week this year, so it's great to find a whole crew undertaking this challenge. Just finished my first one last night. May I join your list?

    1. Of course, Pam! Welcome to the nuthouse!! ;) I'll add your link to the list.

  7. Is there still time to throw my hat into the ring? Will try my best to get caught up fast.

  8. Same question as Jamie. I have a few in my head so it shouldn't take long to get caught up. lol