Sunday, October 30, 2011

About Face #CoffinHop

Today's post for Coffin Hop is a poem I started writing in my sleep last night. I kept waking up with the idea and jotted it down come morning. I hope you enjoy my new poem "About Face" on your way through the Coffin Hop. As always, make sure to leave a COMMENT with your EMAIL ADDRESS to be entered into the "Danny Marble & the Application for Non-Scary Things" illustrated ebook giveaway!!


Feeling mad at mirrors for reflecting a lesser you?
Does your presence make your essence seem totally untrue?
Do your sags or bags age your face beyond your years?
Is your complexion swimming in a pool of ugly tears?
Do people laugh and gossip behind your homely back?
Is your face too tough to face because of what you lack?
Beauty is a duty to fulfill for those with sight.
Masks aren't fashion-forward, plus they're rather tight.
Veils are somewhat looser, but imagine a stiff breeze.
Be wary: it could carry the veil up for all to see
The lousy hand you were dealt by Father, Mother, God.
No one wants to live their life horrid, poor, and flawed.
Need a lift in spirit like you need a lift in skin?
Fleishman's Face Emporium will help you fit right in.
With every type under the sun, we'll make it work and get 'er done.
We'll match your color to a T, devoid of abnormality.
Our source of skin is no mystery or hidden fact,
So it's better to forget all the questions you would ask.
Business is done by the letter and the books.
There are no dirty dealings and no more dirty looks.
Our policy is fair for donation, and quite strict.
There certainly aren't any subversive little tricks.
But if you're a model stranded hopeless in the red,
We can help you get your footing and then help you get ahead.
Come in, pageant queens and kings; you are welcome here.
Make sure to sign the contract very quick and clear.
Most people aren't as lucky or as beautiful as you. 
Think of all the good your elegance could do,
By representing the excellence of the Fleishman brand. 
An Emporium Model's life is lucrative and grand.
For faces that aren't an utter mess and wreck,
For those who only want to fix eyebrow, nose, or neck:
The Emporium can help even picky ones like you.
For a slight extra fee, our surgeons will remove
Any imperfection that you and yours can find.
Even if the flaw exists solely in your mind.
Some scarring is quite normal, but it in time will fade,
As long as your bill is promptly and fully paid. 
As for the old face that earned you scorn and jeers,
You needn't shed a single sentimental tear. 
Our guard dogs are hungry, they need food if they're to act.
(Draw no conclusion; it's an unrelated fact).
Disregard the tales and filthy lies you've heard. 
We operate on the level, you have our sincere word.
Which particular level though is a tricky bit of speech.
There's law and business jargon that we would have to teach
So you would understand every aspect of our talk.
Most ugly people's heads are filled with dirt and rocks.
Not you, of course; we know you have the smarts
To know outward beauty should match the beauty in our hearts.
A little snip, a tiny rip, and you're in store for quite a trip.
Pack those bags, tuck up those sags, and riches will replace your rags.
Unless your body starts to reject the skin,
In which case, see your waiver: section ten. 
We're not accountable for the shame or waste
When an ugly body rejects a pretty face. 
Fleishman's Face Emporium will answer all your prayers.
Prepare yourself for a new world, filled with different stares.
Imagine that reality: what a lovely place.
Life isn't about struggling. Life is about face.



  1. A sweetly gruesome piece of poetry. I loved it.
    (But I think I'll pass on the offer from Fleishman's Face Emporium).

  2. Wow. That line about an ugly body rejecting a pretty face is just brilliant! Well done, Jess. I love it.

  3. So cool. Sometimes the best stuff is half-written while asleep. This Fleishman's Face Emporium sounds like a pass for me! :-p

  4. I truly enjoyed this poem. Have a Happy Halloween and creepy Coffin Hop!

  5. Thank you for the kind words, everyone! Happy Halloween!! :D

  6. This made me think of Repo The Genetic Opera, it could be a side project of theirs. :D