Friday, October 14, 2011

The Last Ride with Darling

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Darling, it's troubling:
The sound of this bubbling
Under the scream of the beast.
In his belly, I'm bleeding
While away he is speeding
From the scene of my release.

His eyes bring the darkness
And claws play the harness
That presses me into his spine.
Crushing and calling,
Fooling and falling,
He growls, “Another is mine.”

The siren he uses
Both scares and amuses,
For there is no reason at all.
While the mourners start racing,
My heart lags it's pacing,
And the beast draws to a crawl.

With needles and hoses,
His belly skin poses
A question that comes with a fee.
Others have lied here.
Others have died here.
Those others will soon include me.

He cackles and brays,
“Why don't you stay
Just a while before the blood drains?”
“I can't catch my breath now,”
I say, close to death now.
“Darling, stop pinching my veins.”

“Who is this 'Darling'?
The beast said, still snarling.
I point to the angel beside.
His siren then chuckles
And tightens his buckles.
“That is no angel,” he cried.

The beast I'm within
Slices a grin
And veers to avoid a crash.
Darling is thrown,
Releasing my bones
But ripping my belly to hash.

I scream with no pain.
Darling stands again
With the sickle over my face.
The beast hits its brakes
With the corner it takes
And the straps slice into my waist.

The feet of the beast
Skid and release,
And he is tossed onto his side.
Darling is crying
Between laughing and sighing,
Hoping that I've finally died.

The ride is much worse now.
The beast is a hearse now.
And it's leading me in my last dance.
Darling, Dear Deathly,
Please don't forget me.
In the rubble of this ambulance.

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