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Mary Duke, author of "The Keizara Series"

Today I welcome Mary Duke to No Vacation from Speculation. She is a YA Fantasy Author of the Keizarian series, the first two of which ("Dean" and "Zeeva:) are now available. "Elwin" is due for release in November. Mary plans on adding the paranormal genre to her list in early March with her debut novel "Arch Angels: Keys to Darkness". Come on, droogies! Let's give Mary an inky huzzah!

HUZZAH! (I'm sure someone somewhere said it.)

A woman after my own heart, Mary is a busy author of a fantasy series. I wonder if the characters of the Keizara series would get along with those from the Tales of Dominhydor. Do you put a lot of personal experience into developing your characters, Mary?

This is a hard question because I don’t really develop the characters, they do so on their own. One of the quotes I use is, “When I write I don’t think. Yet when I’m not writing, writing is all I think about.” To be thinking about the character makes me over think the whole thing. I hardly every re-read one of my book start to finish for this reason. I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they love the flow of my work, and my beta’s have agreed, yet when I go through and think about it and try to add bits and pieces, the flow becomes disturbed and it’s not the same.
In a way I can answer this question, and in a way I can not. Why writing Keizara I’ve noticed the way that Mac is developing is leading to something bigger than I though. So I have put some thought into Mac, but only in the decisions she makes, and who is kept around her.

“When I write I don’t think. Yet when I’m not writing, writing is all I think about.” I know exactly what you mean! Let's take your character of Zavier from Arch Angels: Keys to Darkness: what famous literary character would his best friend?

Hermione Granger. His main talent in knowledge, as one of the defenders of the key he has an amazing ability to learn, teach and remember the history of the ancient gods.

There are a few reasons I chose Hermione. One of which being that they are in a way similar. Zavier is bonded with the other key, Zia. She was gifted the ability to fight, which makes her a bit impulsive, such as Harry and Ron. Zavier is always having to find out what Zia has gotten them into, and how to get them out of it.

Zavier sounds awesome! Crafting kickass characters is one of my favorites things about the inky life. What do you love most about being a writer?

This is a fantastic question, and I’m going to have to say meeting all the amazing people I do. Writing may be a stay at home job (for me at least) but I meet so many people on a daily basis, I have an awesome network of friends who are willing to help with just about anything.

Do you read the same genres you write?

For the most part, yes. I do like to read some historical fantasy. And Greek, Egyptian, and Native American mythological stories that I haven’t attempted to write about yet.

I delved into a bit of Greek mythology for my horror novella, "Danny Marble & the Application for Non-Scary Things". I absolutely loved writing all of the scenes in the Underworld. What kind of scene is the most fun for you to write?

I love to write the scenes I wasn't even expecting. I love the feeling of writing and coming up with a great idea out of nowhere, and watching the story unfold in front of my own eyes.

ME TOO!! Er, I mean, yes I enjoy that as well. What was your favorite book as a child? How about now?

As a kid my favorite author was R. L Stine, I loved his books, I still do of course but two other authors have taken my heart. J. K. Rowling, and Elizabeth Isaacs. Harry Potter really introduced me into the world of magic, which I’ve clug to dearly.
Elizabeth Isaacs, is an author I found almost a year ago. She is self published, and has made her way up the Amazon’s top selling list! She writes with so much emotion that you find yourself very attached to Nora.

I was an R.L. Stine freak! Seriously, I still read the Fear Street books. Speaking of a possible frightening story, if you had to be stuck on an island for a year with three literary characters, who would they be?

Nora (From Light of Aseria, and Secret of the Keepers) because she’s very talented and I could use some of her positivity.
Hermione (from the Harry Potter series) because, maybe I can get a hint into J.K Rowlings mind, and gather some history from the wizarding world. (yes I know that its not really real, but still hahaha)
Mac (from my Keizarian series) because everytime I think the story is going one way she comes in and changes it. I would really like to find out the reason she is who she is. I know I somewhat based this character off my mother, so I know that’s part of the reason.

 I don't know, Mary. I think I could deal with Hermione for 6 months tops. ;)  

Thank you so much for dropping by No Vacation from Speculation today, Mary! It was an absolute delight! To learn more about Mary and her many works, please check out the links below. Also, cruise on down below the links to read "15 Truths about Mary Duke".

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15 Truths about Mary Duke:

1. I am 20 years old, married and have a three year old daughter. No she wasn’t planned, yes I switched from public school to home schooling my senior year so I could stay home and be a mother. Yes it was a long hard road, and her father and I appreciated all the help my parents gave us.

2. I have a bad habit of having a few WIP going at the same time, and working on each all the time, so they take longer to get done.

3. Over half of my family thinks my writing career is a joke, and I paid someone to publish my books.

4. I write everyday, I like to write on paper sometimes but I am starting to find that just typing makes everything go sooooo much quicker.

5. I don’t type my poetry, it is something I just cant do. I have tried and it just don’t work the same

6. I have my first novel due out in March called Arch Angels: Key’s To Darkness

7. All my books are intertwined, although they can be read separately. Keizara is the heart of all my books, and Kile the root of the evil.

8. We have 2 cats both of which my three year old named Puddin and Caterpillar.

9. I cant wait to get out of town (although it’s a small one) and get back to the country, I miss the woods and nothingness.

10. I have found some truly amazing friends I have found online in the past 8 months that have really helped me with my writing and building my social network.

11. I love the USA but I think we are headed downhill, and a REAL people should be leading this county, not money hungry greedy thieves.

12. I dislike fake people, people who judge, people who go out of their way to make things worse for people, and people who steal. Besides that I get along with just about everyone.

13. Fantasy is my favorite choice of genre, magic and awesome powers are just the best! I choose YA because I don’t like the mushy gushy sex scenes, or having to keep a dictionary with me. Sometimes I swear some authors go through a thesaurus and find words :D

14. I’m looking for guest posts and features for my work

15. My favorite quote is, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid.” -A. Einstein.

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