Friday, November 4, 2011

condemn the judge

A few things inspired this piece, but mostly I just turned on music, notably "Il viaggio a Reims" and started typing. The poem's shape was mostly happenstance, although when I reached the last few lines, I did try to keep the cascading shape alive. This is very different from my usual poetry because it's very stream of consciousness, but that's what I really dig about it. Enjoy!! :)

condemn the judge

can't you find the cooler you:
the one who digs and chills instead
of one who drags worlds through puddles
formed of bitter, bereft, and beaten-down rejects
from reality shows, pageants, and the religion race,
lost as it is, as we are, lost as god is with his one-way road rage
burning from sunday mass to teakettle over all of us beautiful killers,
sinners, tramps, and dancers at the helm of worlds bettered by studded kisses?

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