Friday, November 18, 2011

Give Thanks

FauxPoWriMo #18

Give Thanks

Polish up your phoney grin
And your funeral heels.
Buy Chablis for the others,
But use rum to grease your wheels.
Try to bake as well as fake
Pumpkin Pie contentment.
Lay your napkin on your lap
To catch crumbles of resentment.
Remember that you love them all
Although you cannot say it.
Hug the strangers, quake in fear,
And hope the joint allays it.
Curb the cursing, ditch the bitch,
Pretend you're wholly sweet.
If you can't think of a topic,
Why not have some more to eat?
Be thankful for the lives you touch
Even if they skeeve you out.
It's better to be welcomed in
Than quickly ushered out.
To hell with the apologies
From both sides, overdue.
Give thanks for having family
To give your thanks unto.

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