Friday, December 16, 2011

2011: Return of the Rhyme

2011 definitely marks the return of the rhyme for me. I got back into poetry in a huge way after participating in NaPoWriMo and my own FauxPoWriMo last month. As many know, I love rhymey story poems, so I figured I'd sum up 2011 with a rhymey story poem. Below, I've included links to the books mentioned (and more), so feel free to follow the links to find out more about the pieces I had released this year. Also, make sure to visit the 12 Days of Creepfest and Holiday Hop to find more fantastic work by some really talented writers. Thanks, everyone!!

2011: Return of the Rhyme

This year has been long, yet flown by too fast,
But I made tons of memories that I sure hope will last.
Four books were released, short stories too,
And in poems again my heart was imbued.
At the start of the year, a bunch of a dead rabbits
Showed that some people have strange gardening habits.
Two Tales of Dominhydor made their way to the net,
But I don't think many people picked up on that yet.
My first play was produced and an one-act play too:
Something I never imagined I'd do.
Danny Marble adventured ahead of his years,
And like me, learned to face all his fears.
A lesson in ink, a lesson in life:
I learned with a smile, but I also had strife.
Money's a bitch and work was a whore,
But I fought it by writing flash blood and gore.
I've been stuck in revisions for three friggin' books,
And I'm not leaving soon; at least, that's how it looks.
But writing is writing and it still entertains,
Save for fleeting times I want to paint walls with my brains.
With family and friends having babies en masse,
I feel like the world is maturing so fast.
But I'm still a kid, even with thirty near,
So hand me a pen and hand me a beer.
My twenties are flying, but I'm flying too
With my husband's sweet words: "I'm so proud of you."
In many ways, this girl broke out of her shell
And proved to herself that courage works well.
This year made me stronger; it made me stand tall.
It made break boundaries while having a ball.
Next year, I'll mimic while adding some more
Challenges I never thought I'd tackle before.
In 2012, I'm determined to rock.
I'll waste no more precious ticks of the clock.
Poetry and plays, novels and shorts,
Meeting new legions of inky cohorts,
And laughing throughout with friends by my side:
That's how I'll face 2012, with pride.  

Other 2011 Publications

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  1. Awesome poem and post!! Love it! <3 Happy Holidays !!~ Joseph

  2. I'll say it again. I LOVE your site design! Happy Creepfest!

  3. Great poem. I'm sure there will be a whole lot more McHugh awesomeness in 2012! =)

  4. "And laughing throughout with friends by my side:"- I like this line. I can hope. And I'll hope for you, as well.

    Hope Creepfest is going well. I'm impressed with anyone doing this. Coffin Hop kind of kicked my butt, and things are way too hectic this holiday season for me to do another hop. Hopefully (hopfully?) next year.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog

  5. great poem! merry christmas!