Thursday, February 9, 2012

Have a Dollar? Have a New World!! (some sky too)

THE SKY: THE WORLD is now only $0.99 
It's only for a limited time, so pick up your copy today!!
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The Sky: The world has all 5-star reviews on Amazon and was called "the very reason that it’s a good thing for readers that indie publishers exist" by Book Reviews Weekly. I decided to share some of my favorite reviews of TSTW so far:

(Jamie Ratliff, Book Reviews Weekly)
I read a lot of struggling authors and sometimes it’s hard to get through some of the books. The Sky: The World was not one I struggled with.
The Sky: The World was very enjoyable, and I am surprised that it’s not been picked up by a bigger publishing house. 

(Mike Griffiths, Innsmouth Free Press)
The Sky: The World is a short, intense and entertaining book, the kind you might like to read in one sitting if you had the chance. Jessica McHugh takes us to a fantastic world, similar to the alternative realities created by Michael Moorcock, particularly in his Warlords of the Air series.
Ms. McHugh is inventive and full of surprises and takes the reader into a world that is hard to second-guess and predict. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys exploring new worlds and unraveling intricate plots. The book is unique and I look forward to exploring more of what this author has to offer.

(Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times)
Whilst not every author manages to sign a deal with one of the big houses, some of the smaller independent ones like Reliquary Press have managed to score some serious talent. That’s what occurs within this title by Jessica McHugh, the writing is imaginative, the dialogue is the type that readers will love and when backed with a decently paced plot as well as some outstanding characterisation makes this a difficult title to put down. 

(Amanda Toth, Novel Addiction)
Holy cow! This is one of those books that amazes you.. how so much could happen in so few pages.
This book was so complex, so awesome. There is just so much to this book that it's amazing how much action the author jampacked into 159 pages.
The world in "The Sky: The World" is complex and breathtaking. I'm so glad I got the chance to read "The Sky: The World" by Jessica McHugh. This is definitely an author to watch for any fans of good fiction.

Weird science, love, intrigue, intoxication, covert missions, sabotage, a healthy dose of the supernatural, and a zinger of an ending. It's all there, in 159 pages.
(Bear in mind, it takes Stephen King 1000 pages to accomplish the same thing)
There were a few (very few) times I could sense a twist coming, and it usually propelled me forward in my chair yelling -"NO...don't do that!" But the rest of the time I DIDN'T see it coming, and just got sucked deeper and deeper in. Jessica McHugh is quite a wordcrafter, and has a wonderful way of sneaking up on you with surprises. of the many things that makes reading her works so thrilling.

PLEASE GRAB A $1.00 COPY OF THE SKY: THE WORLD AND SUPPORT THIS WACKY INDIE AUTHOR. I really really appreciate it, and hey, you might just find a new favorite book.

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