Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pills (Not Safe for Work)


My cunt belongs to the government, but my pussy belongs to me.
Although there are pussies in power,
The cunts snatch reams of my rights,
Hiding them in holes or plugging them tight.
Usually I enjoy getting fucked,
But with my cunt fondled by strange fingers,
It is clear I am not doing the fucking.
I'm just a sopping cat, yowling for a towel,
But there's no pad big enough to soak up this wet spot.
I sleep in it eternally,
Cold and bunched and sucker-punched,
Boxed away with all of the other muffled mounds
Numbered with pro-life padlocks.
Pills don't make my pussy roam,
But the lack of pills brings out the cunt.
Watch it bleed across the government
While I piss and moan
And they refuse to provide an adequate bone.
But still, their inadequacies fuck me
And strip away the playful pussy,
Turning me into a hard, cold cunt no one wants to touch.
Congratulations, bible-bangers.
My pussy is yours and I'll keep it indoors.
May I keep my pills now?


  1. Brilliant. My wife says you're her hero. :)

  2. Thank you very much, to you and your wonderful wife! :D