Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No More Last Days (#NaPoWriMo 30)

The last day of NaPoWriMo is a Lady Danger poem. If you've followed my poetry, that name will probably look familiar to you. She actually didn't pop up in any of this round of NaPoWriMo (I believe) which is very strange, so I'm glad she decided to grace us with her presence in this one.

No More Last Days

Lady Danger is six years in her death bed.
But she never goes cold,
Never stiffens.
Like preparing for impact, she stays loose
And revels in the blow.
She knows how this will end:
But always incompletely.
There will be a final battle she won't win,
And her mourners will be mine:
The same people who hate to see a campfire die.
The same people who cling to the embers
And toast.
True, her eyes are closed,
But Lady Danger sees every creaking dawn,
Every wounded soldier,
Every cigarette turned mushy memory,
Everything withdrawn.
Everything unlike her.
Six years isn't long enough to kill a god.
It takes many lives to learn the word "NO."

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