Thursday, October 25, 2012


Welcome back! Are you having a beautifully bloody Coffin Hop? I certainly hope so. And I hope you left a comment on the post yesterday to enter my giveaway. Remember, you have the chance to win signed copies of my coming-of-age thriller "PINS" (18+) and my middle-grade spooky story "Play the Way Home (appropriate for all aka the antithesis of "PINS"). You can also win the ebook Collector's Edition of "Death By Drive-In," which is only being distributed during this blog hop.

Today, I'm giving you rockin hoppers a story that I originally wrote at 19 years old. Last year, I gave it much-needed revision, and it transformed from a Lovecraft rip-off called "Gainer's Beast" to this piece of the McHughniverse called "Collector." I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to leave a comment with your email address and follow my author page at

*Deleted for Possible Publication*

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  1. Loved it, especially the very last phrase...

    Happy #CoffinHop:)

  2. Getting in a little early morning Coffin Hopping, and am pleased to start off the day with this story. I knew darkness would abound when I read, "With the Devil's help she built Gainer's Pass and filled it with beauty and culture." *shiver!*


  3. Both of these books sound terrific!!!

  4. 'This time the trophy is you.' Love it, right up my alley - spooky, emotive, and sinks into your bones as you read!

  5. Awesome! I would love a copy of Pins :)

  6. As usual, very creepy and great story, Jessica!

  7. Very creepy little ditty. I love that the gore helps tell the tale, rather than tries to overpower it.

  8. OH MAN!!!!!!!!!!! Do you hear my teeth chatter????



  9. Great read. Very easy to read writing style. Terrific opening line to boot.