Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Broke as Shit (NaPoWriMo #2)

As I'm typing this up, I now realize how appropriate it is that this poem is NaPoWriMo #2. Jeez, the first day I mention piss, and today I mention...well, you'll see. It must be all of the bizarro writing. My blog is starting to sound like a version of The Aristocrats joke.

Broke as Shit

From now on, my shit goes unpaid.
The lazy squeezes to consume the day
Waste only my time.
The smell of money is snuffed,
Leaving behind, Ramen and wine. 

There are no more pots to hide in,
No huge paychecks to pride in.
No more locks to hide logs on clocks.
Then again,
There are also no more obtrusive knocks.

Even poor, my seat will cool in summers,
Later, warm to ease my bummers,
I'll have no more questions on long digestions.
Now only
Long, luxurious Me-Time sessions. 

From now on, my shit goes unpaid.
Compensation can't come between companions,
Not two like us. 
A rowdy dream beats a whisper flush,
And the old days are down the drain.

It's a perfect fit that we're broke as shit. 

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