Sunday, April 15, 2012

She Walks Her Booty Out of Sight (#NaPoWriMo 15)

She walks her booty out of sight,
With wiggle-bounce and fleshy flounce,
The best of butts sways left and right:
A luscious ass packed with each ounce.
She lures me in with heavy light
And dark of night, her hips do trounce.

One pound the more, one pound the less
Would unmake beauty in her stride.
And though her goodbye stroll looks best,
I'd rather that ass by my side
Where my hand rests on hills of flesh,
How perfect there to hence reside.

And on those mounds and o'er that place,
So soft, so deep, so quick to lull,
Venus's dimples cup my face
And show two jewels that never dull:
The majesty below her waist,
Beloved, my girl so booty full.  

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