Monday, April 2, 2012

Tomorrow's Triumph (#NaPoWriMo 2)

Tomorrow's Triumph

They say the world will end tomorrow
And that's just fine with me.
Now there's no need to answer for my seventh beer
Or pretend the treatments are working. 
There's no need to scrounge for rent money
Or pretend you're my end-all-be-all anymore.
There's no need to lock the door
Or make arrangements that would break the banks of those who love me.
Everyone will lay broken beside me.

They say a tidal wave will end the world tomorrow
And that's just fine with me.
This life was a wash anyway. 
At least I'll die clean.
At least I won't be burned or torn
Or my villain heart exposed in the debris.
At least there won't be any more life leases to pay
After the water breaks the contract,
Along with every promise we made, short-lived though they (and we) were.

They say the world's end will be my fault tomorrow
And that's just fine with me. 
I was always afraid of dying alone
And now I can take you with me.
You who cast me out.
You who dragged me down with disease.
You who played your part masterfully.
You who condemned slavery while keeping me on your mortal chain. 
My broken links sound like coins swiped from dead eyes. 

They say the world will end tomorrow
And that's just fine with me.
It's too devilish to be my doing,
But I'll take the blame if you give me flight. 
All of these liquored years in plaster boxes have taken their toll.
Haven't I paid enough?
All of these depictions: red and horned and well-warned of my trespasses.
Do you remember when I was pink and clean and oblivious?
I can hardly recall it myself, but those days will be rekindled.
I will see myself in the wall of water and remember
An angel who dreamed of Earth
And regretted every day since. 

Please don't blink tomorrow. 
You might miss my triumph. 

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