Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Save the Babies

Save the Babies 

Grab all your babies and lock them up tight,
The King of the Fuckwits is coming tonight.
He has his dear bible and his financial mules,
False facts and attacks and uterus rules. 

He says "this is this" and he says "that is that."
And he adds, "You shouldn't be shaving your cat.
You need pubic hair to keep demons at bay.
(Jesus cared so much about your twat in his day.)

So, cinch your loose morals and don't wear short skirts,
You might be asking for legitimate hurts.
Don't be a baby about it, since you'll have one to glut. 
Just don't whip out your tits to feed it, you slut.

Conception begins when vaginas get wet,
But screw the conceived when they're grownups in debt.
If you can't afford college, too bad for you, guy.
But there are still tons of McDonalds you can occupy.” 

So lock your front door, your bank, and your mind. 
The Fuckwit is coming to steal everything kind. 
He’ll put bans on your love if you’re caught being gay, 
Although he and his friends are fucking dicks every day. 

“You’re hurting the family dynamic,” he’ll crow. 
“Being healthy depends on the gender you blow. 
And just think of the kind of children you’ll raise. 
They might be one of the dirty minimum-waged. 

Or worse, what if they turn out gay like their dads? 
Sorry, choose to be gay--now that would be bad. 
The babies are important, most important, I mean. 
We mustn’t let them fall prey to the liberal lean.” 

So, rock-a-bye babies on the treetop.
Let's hope you never get maced by a cop.
When freedom is broken, the cradle will fall.
And down comes America, babies and all.

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