Friday, September 21, 2012

#SFFSat: Song of Eidolons

Today's ScienceFictionFantasy Saturday features a snippet from my slipstream fantasy novel, "Song of Eidolons," which is due for re-release from eTreasures Publishing in October. New revisions, new cover, new exhilaration at peeling back the deceit to discover the secret Dags is hiding from his granddaughter, Delaney Lortal. This scene is a flashback to a conversation Dags (Arthur Dagson) has with a mysterious stranger named Lucas Otabia on the street outside of Sotheby's. Enjoy!!
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“The book isn’t all about alchemy, you know. There’s more. A lot more," Otabia said.

“Such as?”

“Several references to the Fountain of Youth.”

“Albertus Magnus never studied the Fountain of Youth,” Dags disputed.

“Or never documented it—except in this volume. After all, the Philosopher’s Stone is equated with the elixir of life, and what does the Fountain of Youth yield if not an elixir of life?” Luc asked. At seeing Dags’ doubt, he added, “You don’t believe me, do you?”

“That’s right, I don’t,” Dags replied. “I could believe Magnus did some brief research on the Fountain, but as for the Mutus Liber—he died four centuries before the book was even written.”

“Four centuries before the book was published; you can’t be sure when it was written.”


“We’re talking about alchemy and you’re thinking logically?” Luc interposed. “That’s your first mistake.”

“Yes, and my second?”

“Outright dismissal of a mysterious stranger,” Luc replied with a grin. “I assumed you a literary man, Mr. Dagson. Don’t you know a deus ex machina when you see it?”


  1.'s always enjoyable to see literary tactics mentioned as part of dialogue. :-)

  2. I would almost swear that Luc is a bit on the deranged side of things. But, something tells me that isn't the case here.

  3. Alchemy is always a bit fun to play with!

  4. Some alchemical history would be useful here. I've heard of some of these people, but I don't know enough to know if this makes sense.

  5. Yeah, unfortunately it was difficult to write an intro to this scene without giving away huge plot points. This is pretty much my favorite book I've had published, but I can't ever say too much about it because there are so many secrets to spoil!

  6. I am a fellow Coffin Hop Author making the rounds and just want to say this is a very cool looking blog!
    George Wilhite