Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Running with Sisters

FauxPoWriMo #2


The house had an aroma neither sister could place.
One said Gardenia.
The other, Gasoline.

The old oak invited them to play.
One wanted to swing from its arm.
The other wanted to skin it green.

Mother sang the supper call.
One girl was grateful.
The other grumbled and glared.

Entertainment made the night.
One sister's concert commenced.
The other ran with the mares.

The morning brought hues of violet and gold.
One called it Elegant.
The other, Expected.

Art and science schooled.
One sculpted from scraps.
The other dissected.

On the hill, they sat alone.
Holding each other,
Becoming one within the squeeze.

Trouble and Triumph: two sisters
Wondering whether their leaps would end
With blue ribbons or bruised knees.


  1. Hi Jessica!

    When I was informed that part of my duty as the latest receiver of the Liebster Blog Award was to choose my five favorite blogs under 200 followers, I (naturally) thought of you.

    I really like your blog, from the design to the amazing writing you share with us. To accept the award go to and you’ll find all the information about the Liebster Blog Award and what you’ve got to do with it there.


  2. Wow, thank you so much, Gina!! I will compose a post right now dedicated to the Liebster, my five favorite blogs, and of course the fabulous person who gave me this amazing award. (that's YOU, by the way) ;)

    Thanks again, Gina! This was a wonderful surprise!

  3. Hey Jessica!!!

    You already know i LOVE THIS, since I said so on our wolf pack den page...

    But I just had to comment here anyway!

    PS. nice title! haha
    Sharon :)