Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lousy Lullaby (#NaPoWriMo 18)

This lullaby won't soothe you.
I sing only it to remove you from arms I refuse to admit
Amuse you.

Does she sing you lullabies,
Even lousy ones in lovely guise, sung to revel in your
Sleepy eyes?

Or does her heart stop and start at the chance to use you?

Perhaps it's not the best
For me to sing during your rest and lay my head
Upon your chest.

But she doesn't sing at all
Or lay her head to catch your rise and fall, whether on the bed
Or standing tall.

She doesn't care if you're here or there, only to abuse you.

She's off and running,
Blatantly sunning herself in other affections while you,
She's shunning.

She's fine if you're far away,
If you leave after the deed is paid and never sings
To make you stay.

But I will not use you.
I will not abuse you.
And my lousy lullaby will fight, day and night, to never lose you.

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