Thursday, April 19, 2012

To the Man I Love in Sleep (#NaPoWriMo 17)

To the Man I Love in Sleep

How careless you are with me,
And how enraptured I am.
With your slumber-tug, I find myself your prisoner,
Housed in a hidden place where I surrender all.
Gladly, gratefully.
Nimble fingers play me like an instrument which desires no finale.
Your symphonic breath moves through me as it moves my body
Into doing things I would never do.
I would never bend in that way,
Never allow your touch to break my vows
Or force me to my knees with gratitude on my lips,
Amongst other jewels.
Tied up in your fingers,
I swell and break against your shore
And long to drown consciousness
In your wake.
Though I am not tired, I sleep,
And beg the Sandman to shrink the Desert of Dreams
So I my find faster passage
To your bed.

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